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    There is a reason so many groups are adding Karaoke to their events.  Everyone one from the great singers to the super fun folks with lots of personality and little singing ability enjoy the craziness of getting up and belting out  tune.  The Kiss Music and Memories team make it SO fun.  Our team approach includes a host and a DJ to engage your crowd and to involve the whole crew.  We tailor the experience to your event with over 50,000 songs choices and variations including:  Karaoke Contests, Kamikaze Karaoke, KoolKids Karaoke, Challenge Karaoke (super popular and successful for fund raisers) , and much much more.  With new top of the line sound systems, wireless VHF and UHF microphones, and licensed music selections from the best providers (Featuring Sound Choice), we provide everything you need for an unforgettable night that will have folks laughing, dancing, singing and make you a Hero!  


    KISS MUSIC AND MEMORIES kinda says it all...  We will provide the music and experience that will create lasting memories of a great dance party or the most important times of your life: weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras, sweet 16, graduations, anniversaries, and more. We maintain a list of the ever-changing Top 200 most requested Dance Songs that will keep the party hopping or we will work with you and custom tailor the songs to your taste. 

    We will help you plan and coordinate your event to lift the stress off of your shoulders and ensure you can enjoy it too.  For example:  Wedding Receptions have many traditional stages including:

    1. Bride and Groom's First Dance

    2. Father and Bride

    3. Groom and Mother

    4. Bridal Parents

    5. Bride with Groomsmen and Groom with Bridesmaid

    6. Choreographed Tributes: This is a very popular recent trend where the Bridal Party bust out the moves of well choreographed dances for the attendees.  Sometimes it is only the Bride and Groom, but often the whole wedding party will be involved.

    7. Wedding Party

    8. Guest dances - usually a few songs

    9. Bride and Groom Departure Dance

    These are just examples and we have great song selections for your choice.

    We are prepared to combine recorded or live renditions of your favorite romantic songs delivered by our talented and award winning hosts.


    After years of running restaurants and nightclubs, there is a very important lesson I learned.  The bottom line to choosing the best Band, Entertainment, Karaoke and Disc Jockey for your venue is…..THE BOTTOM LINE! If all you needed was great music you could play the juke box, but… which choice will make an impact on your revenue?  Who will bring the clients coming in over and over AND have them purchase food and beverages? Who has a great following and can help you develop a great clientele?

      KISS MUSIC AND MEMORIES is the best choice for a host of reasons that we will share briefly and when you contact us, we will share examples of best practices (from top clubs around the country developed over 18 years of shows and karaoke competitions around the United States) that we use to build YOUR bottom line!

    About us: We host Karaoke and DJ venues using a team approach.  We have 2 people acting as host and jockey to engage your clientele and draw them in to participate so they will feel important, feel like they belong and are inclined to stay longer (and spend more money).  Your host will be a singer, songwriter, and artist that has opened in concert for top name bands and has won lots of singing competitions including The World Karaoke Competition in Las Vegas, and just this year was 1st runner up in the 2018 Talent Quest International Master Class Male Vocalist Singing Competition featuring participants from all over the U.S. and 9 countries.  He is now the Texas State Talent Coordinator for the 2019 Talent Quest International Contest.  His lovely and talented co-host with her liquid honey voice was a cast member of the iconic “Up With People” group, is a self-described Karaoke Junkie and has an amazing gift for making people join in and participate.  KMM is licensed and uses legally purchased music tracks and subscriptions to protect you from infringement lawsuits. While BMI and ASCAP licensing is the responsibility of each venue, KMM’s investment will save you from the exorbitant fees associated with Karaoke licensing. We also cater to our singers and can add a song (if available) on the fly. Our sound is exceptional with new line array speaker systems, stage monitor speakers, wireless UHF and VHF microphones (or Shure SM58 wired if needed), conditioners, and large format monitor for lyrics use.  The equipment is great, but what we offer is a guaranteed experience for your clientele and guaranteed results for you.

    Ask about our money back guarantee! 


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